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Extraction of a tooth is often an unavoidable medical necessity. But unfortunately, even the most meticulous oral hygiene practices cannot always prevent people from losing their teeth. Extraction of a tooth could be advised for any variety of reasons, including periodontal disease, bone loss, or excessive crowding of the teeth.
If a tooth is significantly damaged as a result of a crack, chip, fracture, decay, or infection, the only alternative that may remain is to have the tooth extracted. In the end, your dentist will do everything in their power to avoid extracting a tooth if other solutions such as a root canal, filling, or crown are possible.
This is because your dentist’s primary objective, just like yours, is to assist you in maintaining as many of your natural teeth as possible for as long as possible.

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Types of Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are considered to be routine small operations that your dentist frequently does. The roots of the tooth and where it is located in the mouth will determine whether or not it will be a simple extraction or one that requires surgery.

Because we place a high value on your well-being, we will do all in our power to ensure that the extraction process causes you as little discomfort as is humanly possible. The region will be rendered entirely numb before any extractions are performed, and if you have any queries before the procedure, feel free to ask them.

The clear extraction process is easy to understand. This technique is utilised for the majority of extractions on teeth that are visible, whereas the surgical extraction is required for teeth that have not entirely erupted past the gumline or in situations where the tooth is severely damaged or shattered beneath the gumline. Because the surgical extraction involves more work, patients typically have general anaesthesia throughout the procedure.

In the event that your dentist at Hemlock Dental Clinic that you have a tooth extracted, we will do all in our power to ensure that the surgery is as painless as is humanly feasible for you. Get in touch with our Dental Clinic right away to obtain additional information regarding tooth extractions and to set up a consultation right away.

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